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How Would The Open Source Circular City
Be (Look, Feel) Like?
& How To Get There?

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Experiments, Hacks, Ideas:

Turn Every Building Into A FarmScraper To Grow Food. 

More: A Scenario

Merge Public Transport And Package Delivery.

More: A Scenario

Clean The IT-Systems of the City! With Public Surveillatons!

More: Ideas

PreUse, ReUse & Creatively Prolonged Lifetime Of Products. 

More: Use things together | A Scenario

Turn The City Into A Playground! 

More: Planet B

Supermarkets Become Factories Or Repair Shops.

More: Viersen | A Scenario

Turn One-Way-Systems Into ReUse Systems; Make Public Infrastructure Facilitate ReUse. 

More: Viersen

Make Street Art Circular With Hackable Circular Designed Cities. 

More: Viersen

Grow Food In The City! Everywhere 🙂

More: Minden – Nature

Take Care! 

More: Minden


Plants Vs. Cars Game – Change Minds, Create Awareness.

More: HOW TO City Hacking

The Cities Inner Workings Brought To The Surface To Engage Citizens Into Its Circularity! 

More: Viersen

Modular Design! Or How To Deal With Climate Change Catastrophes.

More: Bolts

Play! Explore The Opportunities Of A Modular City.

More: City Hacking Academy

Parking Spaces For GreenHouses! 

More: A Scenario

Guerilla Campaigning For Public Transport. 

More: A Scenario

RePurpose Space For Circular Practices! 

More: A Scenario (People)

Professional Urban Food Gardening: A Business Plan!

More: Urban Food Gardener StartUp

Products Hacked For MultiUse And Longer Lifetime. 

More: Use

Turn Street Waste Into Modular Parts With Endless Reuse Opportunities.

More: Street Waste

Hack Packaging! Create Distributed Deposit Systems Bottom Up. 

More: Viersen

A City Made An Adventure For Your Body Instead A Thread To Your Health. 

More: Viersen


Bolts Are Better Than Glues! Plates Instead Of Stickers! 

More: Viersen | Quick Guide To Circular Street Art

A Political Voice Of Our Biosphere.  

More: Minden

Sheeps In The Subway. ReUse Public Transport For Urban Agriculture. 

More: Ideas

HOW TO: City Hacking! ‘What If The City Was …’

More: HOW TO City Hacking

Public Infrastructure Supporting Deposit Systems. 

More: What Is City Hacking


Guerilla Hacking Festivals! Collectively Repurposing Cities! 

More: City Hacking Academy

Premium Parking Spaces For Postfossil Vehicles.

More: What Is City Hacking

Picknick. Don’t Park.

More: A Scenario

Hack Your Welfare System And Explore A Circular Lifestyle! 

More: A Scenario

The City As A Zoo / National Park! 

More: A Scenario

Hacking Beer-Drinking – For Even More Social Capital.

More: Use things together

Make Future Uses Publicly Visible 

More: Planet B

Turn Bins Into Sharing And Communication Systems.

More: Viersen

Adds For Repairing Instead Of Replacing Things. 

More: Viersen

From PIWO To DIDO! A Vision For The Circular City.

More: Viersen – The City Is Our Factory


The City As A Botanical Garden. 

More: Minden | A Scenario

A City Shaped By Its Biosphere: Empathy For The Connection Of Biosphere & Technosphere.

More: Düsseldorf – Planet B

Biodegradable Street Art & Public Activities

More: Viersen

Take Down Surveillance Systems! Surveillance is not a must nor a nice to have.

More: Exhibition Viersen

Reversibility Is Key! A Circular & Modular Designed City!

More: Bolts

Chairs Instead Of Cars! 

More: City Hacking Academy

Toolbox (Project Phase 1) 

More: How To: City Hacking | + Toolbox

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