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The Open Source Circular City – A SCENARIO for City Hackers




A hacker needs to have an idea where he/she wants to go. Therefore I started to outline a scenario of the Open Source Circular City to inspire hacking for it.



There is not only one way to a circular city and more than just one potential version of it. The political process that will shape it has just begun. I can think of a circular city where everybody is surveilled and controlled by infrastructure set up and run by big corporations. There are forces pushing for this. The scenario below is supposed to set a positive utopia against that and to inspire a positive action plan.

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Berlin Mar 2016: Hacking Street Waste Circular | Sperrmüll zirkulär hacken




EN: We did a workshop with 13 year old kids in Neukölln on circular street waste. We collected waste in the street and drilled a unified grid into the parts (the 3erlin Grid) and created a modular system with it – a city to be used as a resource for constant rejuvenation. The workshop is documented in full detail (including the methodology) at the main Mifactori Website.

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Exhibition: „The City Is Open Source“ in „Galerie im Park Viersen“


exhibtion viersen - surveillance cam big 2 brighter

exhibition viersen - screwed 2 - pic d

DE: Da ich bisher nur selten physische Objekte produziert habe, hatte ich auch noch nie eine wirkliche Ausstellung. Aber “The City Is Open Source” wurde im Rahmen des Projektes “Stadtbesetzung” von der Galerie im Park Viersen eingeladen, sich an einer Urban Art-Ausstellung zu beteiligen – eine gute Gelegenheit, mal etwas für eine Ausstellung zu gestalten. / Hier eine Eindrücke von der Ausstellung und Dingen drumherum.

Alle Bilder werden größer, wenn man draufklickt. Alle Bilder auf Flickr. 

EN: As i haven’t been an artist that creates stuff in the past i never really had an exhibition in my life before. But when i set up the project The City Is Open Source and became part Read more

What is City Hacking or Urban Hacking – Examples / Beispiele


Found Hack Berlin - bottles 2 - 20150726_195550
EN: Found Hacks in Berlin Kreuzberg

Cargo Bike Space City Hacks - CBSCH1 pic.d

EN: What the heck is City Hacking? “Hacking” in general is an act of creativity. It means to overcome, bypass or break limitations of systems. To use things differently then intended is one possible way. Adding new possibilities or meanings to them with small changes or interventions is another. „City Hacking“ is exploring this strategy in and for the city.

This posting is mostly a list with links to interesting websites. It also has some pictures that are under creative commons licenses. Click the links!

UPDATE: There is a HowTo: City Hacking now in our blog.


DE: Was ist denn City Hacking oder Stadthacken? Read more

Experiments 1: Screws and the modular birdhouse




EN: A city made with accessible and standard techniques, easy to dismantle? Open Screws, a modular birdhouse and found things.

DE: Eine Stadt erstellt mit verfügbaren Standardteilen und -techniken, leicht auseinanderzubauen? Offene Schrauben, ein modulares Vogelhaus und Fundstücke.

1 – The Screws / Die Schrauben

EN: We went through the streets searching for open accessible screws. And we found some! Read more